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Description: The MBD V6 MAP MOD MEGA PACK is an all-inclusive modification pack for the Bangladesh map in your game. Compiled by a group of dedicated users, this mega pack enhances gameplay with new routes and landscapes specific to Bangladesh, a variety of bus mods for an immersive driving experience, traffic packs for realistic road conditions, and numerous fix mods for optimal game performance.

Mods Included:

  1. Hino_RM2_2nd_gen_1.42
  2. Soudia MB
  3. HIGER KLQ6128K
  4. Hino_Deluxe_Edition_Paintjob
  5. HIGER Sound
  6. Laksana_SR3 Series
  7. SR2 Sleeper Skin
  8. SR2 Sleeper Sound
  9. SR2 Sleeper Bus
  10. SR2 Sleeper Addon
  11. SR2 Sleeper Accessory
  12. Village Passenger
  13. Laksana SR3 Suite Class
  14. EP4 SR2XHD
  15. Hyundai Universe Express Noble Edition

And many more, totaling to 45 mods for a comprehensive and immersive gaming experience.

Enjoy: Navigate through the diverse terrains of Bangladesh in your game and enjoy the realistic driving experience with the included bus mods. Experience the thrill of bustling traffic with the traffic packs and appreciate the seamless gameplay with the included fix mods.

Credits: This mega pack is a testament to the hard work and creativity of the user community. Their commitment to enhancing the gaming experience with map modifications, vehicle mods, traffic packs and fix mods is truly commendable.


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